Still terrifying, though. In fact, decades ago, predictions about the futuristic and revolutionary changes we'd see in this far-off sounding year were quite lofty. Ah, sounds nice, doesn't it? Now you can start the dough. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie In a 1950 Popular Mechanics article, titled "Miracles You'll See in the Next 50 Years," he predicted that by the 21st century, all you'll have to do to get your house clean is "simply turn the hose on everything. That sounds downright Orwellian. Everything—even baby cradles—will be made out of steel. "In the pending nanomobility era, I predict telepathy and teleportation will become possible by the year 2020—with both commonplace by 2040," he said. When that time comes, he doesn't think the current version of China will be able to survive "a billion [angry] peasants. That's what Google's Eric Schmidt was promising in 2005, saying that the company would eventually "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." The thing about dealing with predicting the future is that, at some point, the future happens and then we get to look back at everyone who was laughably wrong. Artificial intelligence has proved itself an unexpectedly difficult problem." 42 Unbelievable Predictions About the Future. So, what's next, you might be wondering? That's according to an issue of The Futurist magazine. And yet, in 1997, Wired magazine's Peter Schwartz and Peter Leyden picked the year 2020 as the time when "humans arrive on Mars.". You know how angry you get when you rent a car and it's an older model without satellite radio? Well relax, an interplanetary Internet has been in the planning stages since 1998. Hmm. His suit minus tie, collar, and buttons," Rhode declared. Don’t look for reigning Best Comedy Series winner “Fleabag” among the nominees for the 72nd annual Emmy Awards. We can't stop them from dying, but we can preserve their memories a little better than just fading photographs. Russian scientists are working on doing just that, and the big question in the medical community isn't "is it possible," but "should we do it? But also, eating will no longer be necessary. Will cancer be cured? Athlete, nerd, hopeless romantic, thespian. We're all doomed." 15 fun activities to practise will for predictions. So, what's going to happen to our feet—or, more specifically, our toes—in 2020? But we like the idea of not getting cancer because of our robot protectors. "Mail will be delivered within hours from New York to California, to Britain, to India, or Australia by guided missiles," he said. Containers will send out alerts, on their own, when they're in need of replenishing. Amazon is already launching drone delivery, but if even that sounds like too much effort, the kitchen of tomorrow won't need you to notice that your milk is running low or you're almost out of beer. You'll communicate with dead relatives via virtual reality. "His hat will be an antenna, snatching radio out of the ether. Sorry, there's no guarantee of a shining utopia on the horizon. As a result, they'll render the mode of food consumption as we know it obsolete. So will they come true? And to make sure yours will keep you healthy for longer, give your fridge this list of the 40 Heart Foods to Eat After 40. Hmm. These predictions about the year 2020 are so wrong, it's comical. " He's hopefully right about tobacco, but the coffee and tea? Based on your input will provide you with a future prediction, be your own future teller! The horoscope generator generates original horoscopes for fun and future predictions. These famous faces are celebrating in December. Here are 10 exceptionally regrettable developments we can expect in the coming decades. We'll have dinosaur zoos with real woolly mammoths. Saturn's rings always made it the most recognizable planet in our solar system, but it may lose those bragging rights in another 20 to 40 million years. She explained in the aforementioned book Shift 2020 that she believed "there will be more robots used as therapists, companions, assistants, and even friends to help people in their everyday," according to The Next Web. The BBC published a list of the predictions of former British cabinet minister F.E. Just "throw soiled 'linen' into the incarcerator!". A gentleman will hold the door for a lady. If you're sick of asphalt roads and all the potholes that come with them, then you'll wish Popular Mechanics was right about this prediction for the 21st century. Not just yet. ", Dr. Nayef Al-Rodhan, a Neuroscientist and Geostrategist—which are two occupations that almost sound like fake jobs from a science-fiction movie—says that it's only a matter of time before human beings create "transhumans," which are just "improved versions of themselves that will eventually pose a threat to non-enhanced humans.". We'll wear antenna hats and disposable socks. In the next five years, cars that don't drive themselves will be the hand-me-downs that nobody wants. All Rights Reserved. Making Predictions with Friends Patrícia Piquiá ... Future Predictions (will / be going to) - Family Guy - Duration: 10:16. In 1913, Gustav Bischoff, former president of the American Meat Packers Association, predicted that humans' diets would consist of mostly vegetables as the years went on. Are they getting closer to reality even as you read this? We have so many questions, and luckily the experts have answers. But will the red planet get any Internet access? If companies like Technicon Design in France and the UK's Center for Process Innovation have their way, everybody will get a window seat in the plane of tomorrow, which will offer panoramic views of the sky as you fly towards your destination. “Predictions are hard. 7 of the Craziest Predictions for the Future, From the Past. The nuclear warhead was taken out and replaced with mail containers, and the missile was launched towards the Naval Auxiliary Air Station. From big cities to small towns, billionaires to working class citizens, everything humans do will be recorded. How long before it just replaces them completely? But even the experts can make mistakes. To do this, beat the whites in a lush foam and carefully add all the ingredients. The thing that seems so weird and futuristic now will, by the next presidential election, become something that annoys you if you don't have it. And a 2017 report from professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers found that "medically-enhanced workers" will be a reality soon enough. As in, the gross slime that floats on the top of swamps. When you're curious about the future of language, you probably should ask someone other than an engineer about it. See more ideas about future predictions, futuristic fashion, dining table accessories. Happy flying! The big downside of real predictions is being wrong sometimes. Also, relax, you'll be dead many centuries before that happens. Yikes, who's gonna tell them? Even those who don’t believe in them have read what the future holds for their star sign at least once out of pure curiosity. Containers will send out alerts. We mean literally longer. We already have blood blanks, where life-saving plasma can be donated and used to help patients who need emergency blood. Want a good laugh? But the contact lenses are entirely real!) Though we've seen plenty of impressive technological advances, like artificial intelligence and phones that unlock by scanning our faces, it's not quite the world of flying cars and robot butlers people once imagined we'd be living in by now. Without even lifting a finger, the average non-working family could expect to earn an average salary of between $30,000 and $40,000, according to Time. Will the letter Q still exist? Self deprecation is the most lethal weapon in any ladykiller's arsenal. A man-made pandemic was probably the scariest of the bunch, not just because of the death toll but because of the human evil necessary to create it. Well, in a 1947 issue of Mechanix Illustrated magazine, journalist Lester David promised that in the future, we'd have "tooth banks," too. One out of seven exports from China go to Walmart, he says, and even Warren Buffett doesn't believe Walmart has a future. We'll find out soon enough. If trends hold, there's nothing but good on the horizon. And for ways to fight cancer right now, know the 20 Everyday Habits That Increase Your Cancer Risk. "The abolition of stimulants will not come about forcibly," he wrote. Evidently, the houses of the future would have nothing keeping them on the ground and they would be able to move to anywhere on earth on a whim. "Even if it isn't fully realistic to bring these people back in A.I., it'll be close."