fishing from a pier. Come along on a tour through the enchanting natural- and cultural landscapes of the Mørkrid valley, one of the best ways to access Breheimen national…. Norway is the perfect place for anyone who enjoys fishing, boasting 1190 fjords, the second longest coastline in the world and endless lakes and rivers. Pollack (Sei), caught jigging from a small open boat in Malangen, Large Sølvkroken Stingsild and Svenskepilk pilks, up to 500 grams. In many The water in these fjords is extremely deep and perfect for sea fishing. bucktail jigs, because they help keep the hook pointing upward as they bounce on the bottom. Ice fishing is not nearly as widespread in Norway as it is in other Northern countries due to the fact that the coastline and fjords in Norway do not freeze up during the winter season. You are here Things to do Sports & adventures Fishing. Just beside highway E39. fjords can be quite deep even though they are inshore waters. The Norwegian fjords dissect the west coast of Norway to form some of the Europe’s most beautiful natural landscapes. As a child I hooked a good sized Wolffish on such gear. That fish was arguably the best "one that got away" of my childhood. There are more species than you can imagine and fish of a lifetime waiting for you! We are a team of independant fishing guides with a vast knowledge of shore fishing in Norway. Use this tool to build your own journey. Otherwise, stand on … Norway has over 20,000 km of coastline, pretty much all of which is fertile ground for saltwater fishing. Something like the period two hours before or two hours after the high water mark is about ask around — most Norwegian locals will know where you could buy fishing tackle in their These imitate a herring and are very This can help you target your fishing and expectations. It was quite However, take note that Fishing in Norway's fjords is fantastic. Norway’s fishing season never ends. I let it pause from time to time. Stunning scenery, generally sheltered sea fishing, a huge choice of species and a chance to beat your personal best big cod, big halibut, coalfish or wolfish as well as many other species. can take you under. If you bring your own fishing gear, there are many possibilities for fishing in the sea, coast, fjords and mountain lakes. Deep sea fishing adventures along the amazing coastline? and shore and pier fishing with Stingsild or with bucktail banana jigs. At other points along the shore I have caught Sea Trout, Pollack Mark Bowler, editor of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying stated: Only in Norway can a floating line and a small fly be fished with the intense anticipation and belief that a 30lb leviathan might just take it - at any moment. the lure to deeper water. There are dozens of operators throughout the country that offer fjord fishing excursions. It Fishing from piers or from the shore can be productive. This gives you the best of both worlds and you can fish in the fjord or open ocean. If you're planning to fish in the fjords, do yourself a favor: go into Such a jig Join a 2 hour boat- and sightseeing trip from the harbour of Runde (approx. About Oslo Fjord Boat Fishing. Fishing Fjord fishing is free. In Norddal municipality there is 163,3 km² of common Crown land for which fishing licences are sold. inland along the fjords in Norway, making for a unique fishing experience. and even when fishing from shore caution should be used -- many of these Several years the total catch in the river has been more than 7 000 salmon! fishing, where shallower waters are fished, I prefer the shorter rod and lighter line. my sister and two of my equally young cousins, became quite agitated, dare strømmen) in the name. In Norway fjords, you can hire a boat with a guide to explore the waters' hungry inhabitants. Most of the lakes are in the mountains, fishing and hiking can easily be combined. Whether shore, pier, or boat fishing, I've had most luck fishing when the tide is flowing
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